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Dice game: Evolution Dice

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Dice game: Evolution Dice

Post by niquon715 on Mon May 18, 2015 10:10 am

Evolution Dice is based on the illegal private-party gambling game, Threes. The game works like this; Evolution Dice is played with five dice. Prior to each round players must post a betting in order to participate in the game. Following this step, players then take turns rolling all five dice; each player's objective is to have the lowest possible score at the end of the round. However, all numbers on the dice count as their face values except Six, which count for zero points each. Hence, getting five sixes is the best possible roll in the game. What's more, rolling five sixes on your first roll counts as an automatic win in the game, thus making the roll extremely desirable.
How To Play:

• Make a new topic in the Evolving Dice forum. Once you've done that, you must post your matches with other players .

• Press the Topic Reply: 

• Scroll down until you see this: 

• Change the settings to this: 

• Finally Post it: Write in the amount of CC you are going to bet (Min: 10 Max: 500). Next, enter in the phrase, in the post box, "Go! Evolving Dice"

Prizes & Skill points:

After the game is over,  The bets both players placed down will also be awarded to the winner. Each game of Evolution Dice the player wins, he/she also gain an additional 20CC & 5SP. Each time your SP hits the 100 mark, you gain 100CC! Be sure to work hard to become the highest tier in Evolving Dice.

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