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jesse_anderson test results (crystal beast vs darklord agents)

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jesse_anderson test results (crystal beast vs darklord agents)

Post by vitthiuga on Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:50 pm

match result: 5 points
won game 1 but lost next 2 games

deck construction: 22 points
-deck count: 5 points
40 cards the perfect amount
-deck performance: 5 points
he never ran out of plays and could spam the field easily
-deck consistency and synergy: 3 points
in general had good synergy but sometimes you where missing cards and you had to recur to cardcar d and leaving a blank field, that opened a window to otk's
-creativity: 5 points
now days you don't see crystal best decks like that anymore was really nice
-sophistication: 4 points
i liked the how you used needle ceiling but for the rest seemed pretty normal 

performance: 15
the deck could easily spam and go for xyz, i really didn't really see any big misplays, oh and i also liked how he used number 82 in combination with the crystal beasts, but also as i said before a lot of times you would just leave a blank field or summon cardcar and end turn with no backrow i suggest you to use a bit more traps, but thats up to you.

Bonus points: 20
i liked your play style and for example when i special summoned athena with call and you had steel swarm roach and attempted to negate and i told you that you couldn't and you listened to me that shows me you actually respect your opponent and that you are willing to learn from everything

total points: 62 points
welcome to ritual blue

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Re: jesse_anderson test results (crystal beast vs darklord agents)

Post by jesse_anderson on Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:11 pm

found it! thank ill try to work harder on what i lack Smile dont wont let you down capt :p


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