Celestial Dragon Academy
This will be fun. By joining this academy you have already made a great decision and everything that comes afterwards will be even better. the first few things you want to do is make an introdution and get tested to be put in a dorm after that its up to you.

A.C. Eos's test results

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A.C. Eos's test results

Post by niquon715 on Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:10 am

mecha burn vs x sabers
wins 5/25

deck construction 18/25

deck count 5/5
free points if read the rubric
deck preformance 4/5
it preformed well against simple burn cards
Consistency And Synergy 4/5
you went for different combos but x saber dont have too many dead draws
creativity 2/5
someone told there are no creative decks that person was right
sophistication 3/5
not the easiest deck to use but it wasnt unique

preformance 17/25

general evalution 8/15
meh you wasnt bad
siding 4/5
you had a few good things in there
misplays 5/5
you caught a few of my misplays

bonus points 21/25
you had great additude thoughout the duel and caught a few of my mistakes you wasnt a bad sport about losing and you made a semi good impression

61/100 welcome to ritual blue you barely made it try winning more next time

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Re: A.C. Eos's test results

Post by Armata on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:37 am

Yay. xD  I'll be happy to be in Ritual Blue. o.o)7

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