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unique frost test results

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unique frost test results

Post by vitthiuga on Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:15 pm

noble knights(frost) vs evols(vitthiuga)

match results: 15 points

deck construction: 21 points
deck count: 5 points
40 cards perfect number
deck performance: 3 points
well noble knights are fairly inconsistent, but you made good out of them even though you couldve done some other plays
consistency and synergy: 4 points
it didnt look that inconsistent 
creativity: 4 points
well noble knights are not meta or anything so thats cool
sophistication: 5 points
i see some techs ive never seen b4 in noble knights

performance: 15 points 
well you did make some comebacks but in the side deck you have no good cards

bonus points: 15 points 
no rivarly D: 

ruling quiz: / points

66 points welcome to ritual blue

BA too good

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