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october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

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october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

Post by niquon715 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:51 am

card destuction back to 1 thats all i want gishki will be tier 1 again

soul charge to 1 

vanity's to 1

sanctum to 1

something in shaddols will get hit

something old will get unbanned maybe stratos


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Re: october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:54 am

My Predictions;

Banned: None

Limited: Soul Charge, Super Polymerization, Vanity's Emptiness

Semi Limited: Tour Guide From The Underworld, Book Of Moon, Skill Drain, Artifact Moralltach, Sinister Shaddoll Games

Unlimited: Reborn Tengu, Advanced Ritual Art


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Re: october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

Post by niquon715 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:28 pm

Ninety-Eight's List

Well, it's that time of year again...yeah, banlist predictions. Well...

  • The 4 daddy rulers - I don't care if anyone calls me salty or whatever on this, but my stance on these cards remains unchanged. They should leave the game so we can get balanced cards back and stop hitting more balanced ones.

  • Royal Tribute - Not a certainty, but it's one of the last few insta-win buttons in the game, it'd be better if it left.


  • Dark Magician of Chaos - Someone convince me how this card is still banworthy. Anyone. Please.

  • Thousand-Eyes Restrict - Oh no, me so scared of one free removal with Instant Fusion. Nah seriously, this card is way past it's day and age.

  • Dragon Ravine - Only if Rulers get banned.

  • Soul Charge - Ideally, this should actually be banned. But all I can see for now is a limit.


  • Debris Dragon - Only if Rulers get banned.

  • Gladiator Beast Bestiari - Glads haven't done anything in ages, they could use a push. Won't hurt anyone.

  • Neo-Spacian Grand Mole - A non-targeting compulsory that uses up your normal summon and needs to attack to work, sounds pretty fair to me. Bring it down.


  • Burner, Lightning, Reactan, and Stream - Only if their dads get banned.

  • Dark Strike Fighter - The TCG has had the new once per turn errata for a while now (it was actually changed just before the July banlist), so yeah. Has no reason to be banned anymore.

  • Magician of Faith - Because Tsukuyomi turbo will be tier 60 either way.

  • Summoner Monk - Might seem like an odd choice at first, but in reality, it uses up your normal summon and costs a spell to summon the monster. That's pretty fair by me and most people probably wouldn't use more than 2 anyways.

  • Advanced Ritual Art - Because ritual.dek will probably never be viable anymore anyways.

  • Gold Sarc - Only if Rulers get banned.

  • Reinforcement of the Army - If Tenki is at 3, this should be too. The problem is not the generic warrior searcher, but most likely the warrior itself (Stratos).

  • Sacred Sword - Only if Rulers get banned.

The "didn't make it" list:
These are a few select cards that I could've put on my list, but didn't:

  • Dragon Shrine - No kiddies, the right option is not to hit another balanced card like this to prolong the inevitable on the real problem that is Rulers, you get rid of the real problem immediately. This will stay at 3

  • Cyber-Stein - Stop it with the "OCG has it, TCG should too" logic. Their banlist is bad as it is and I shouldn't need to explain why a first turn Exterio or Last Warrior is bad for YGO. Should never come back.

  • Goyo Guardian - I was initially outraged when this guy came back, but ever since he returned, I honestly haven't really seen him. I hate to admit it, but he's really just another big beatstick like BLS, only rogue decks make him anymore and he's easy to stop with the traps we have, battle or on-summon. He can stay at 1.

  • Sinister Serpent - It's not too strong and it could come back, but I think DMoC and/or TER should return first.

  • Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity - It could come back to boost wind-ups, but like Sinister, not right now.

  • Trishula - No, not happening. It's part of too many banish loops with de-synchro and it generates too much advantage when used correctly.

  • Infernities - Yeah I know, they sacked worlds with an OTK, but otherwise they aren't too much of a hassle. Maybe ban Launcher to give them their 2nd and/or 3rd barriers back? I'd be good with that.

  • HAT - Won't be touched, the deck isn't hard to play around and having a balanced deck like this as the top deck of the last two formats is healthy for the game.

  • Satellarknights/Shadolls - Duelist Alliance is still rather new, they won't hit something that just came out. Wait until the list after October to touch these guys.


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Re: october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

Post by niquon715 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:29 pm

TheOtherWhiteNerd's Prediction List

October 2014 Banlist Predictions
Tier 1 decks
•Bujin •Geargia •HAT •Infernity •RulerSworn •Satellarknights •Shaddoll
Upcoming Support/Releases
•Burning Abyss •Monarch •Noble Knights •Qliphort •Satellarknights •Shaddoll •Yang Zing

I don't think anything will be banned.


•"Artifact Morraltach" - The OCG has done this and it works. With the release of Artifact Scythe, the engine can change to an Anti-Special Summon engine. Sure, the engine isn't as effective, but the currnet engine is too powerful.
•"Eclipse Wyvern" - I don't think Konami wants to ban the Dragon Rulers, but isn't stupid enough to let any Dragon Ruler decks dominate the meta. RulerSworn was a very dominant deck this format, and it looks like it could be a money sink for Konami next format. However, seeing how they relatively recently released a Lightsworn Structure Deck, I don't see them hitting "Classic" Lightsworns. It's important to note that if they banned the Dragon Rulers, RulerSworn would transition into ChaosSworn (aka Twilight) and could do relatively the same thing. Keeping that in mind and seeing as how classic Lightsworn is just bad right now, I don't really see anything else that can really be hit to actually weaken the deck.
•"Mermail Abyssteus" and/or "Abyss-Sphere" - Mermails have long since had their time. I don't hate the deck (I'm very neutral on the matter), but I think that it's finally time. While I'm not convinced they'll just swap over to the OCG hits, I do think we'll eventually see those hits in the TCG and the excess damage done will be undone.
•"Kaiser Coliseum" - This card is exploited by Bujins and their "protect the castle" style of play. Kaiser, in my opinion, is a card that says the opponent can't play Yu-Gi-Oh!, but you can. Kaiser decks are not necessarily the best Bujin decks, but (once again, my opinion) they are the most degenerate. This deck is the most problematic to the player base, as it makes it so that the opponent cannot play. Furthermore, this card has been used by a number of decks outside of Bujins that have had varying degrees of success for some time now. Bujin is simply the deck that has had the most.
•"Soul Charge" - Personally, I don't see SC as a problem card. In fact, quite the opposite. This card singlehandedly boosts SO many decks to a much higher tier, and is the sole reason why Infernity has even been relevant the past couple of formats. However, Infernities have been abusing this card since its release and has proven to be one of the most powerful decks of this format. I think this card will see the list, but I'm not entirely convinced it will go to 1. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see it untouched.


•"Traptrix Myrmeleo" - Searches very powerful cards and pops cards on Special Summon. At two it doesn't kill the Traptrix engine, but does make it less consistent.

Newly Unlimited

•"Dark Strike Fighter" - With the TCG getting "Legendary Collection 5D's" in October, it only makes sense to bring back one of the most iconic Synchro Monsters of all time in the Legendary Collection of its series. If this card doesn't come back this list, then I feel confident that it will come back partway through the format.
•Reinforcement of the Army - Noble Knights and Satellarknights are decks that Konami is supporting, and people have been asking to bring this card back for ages.

Honorable Mentions
These are changes that, while I don't think are as likely to happen, I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
•"Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness" to 2 - It's done nothing for ages now.
•"Honest" to 2 - I "honestly" hope not, but I get a funny feeling that they may do this to boost Noble and Satellarknights. (Sorry, terrible joke is terrible.)
•"Magician of Faith" to 3 - It's done nothing and will never do anything major. It's too slow.
•"Nurse Reficule the Fallen One" and "Bad Reaction to Simochi" to 2 - Anti-Cure Burn is a deck that is actually very powerful and has the potential to be the next "greatest" burn deck, finally dethroning Chain Burn. These two cards are the cards that make the whole deck function. While I don't think any deck needs to die, I do think this deck needs to be hit. [Honestly, this is more of a wish-list item, and I'll gladly admit I'm grasping at straws here.]
•"Allure of Darkness" and/or "Dark Armed Dragon" to 2 - If Konami really wishes to push Shaddolls and Burning Abyss, then we may see these come down the list.


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Re: october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

Post by niquon715 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:30 pm

potential returners

heres things I suspect have a chance at coming back NOTE not all are expected to come back this is based on both lists and past trends I expect to be met with contempt and anger by those who don't understand remember they unbanned ring of destruction for one season. theres always a wild card

CYBER-STEIN 5000 points for one monster that dies next turn, soulcharge gets you 5 for that price and doesn't leave you with a weak monster in atk mode

DARK MAGICIAN OF CHAOS most of the cards he brought back are banned, compulsory kills it, misses the timing, not as good as it was back in gx

ELEMENTAL HERO STRATOS probably not but HEROes are coming back so, they may... they did worse in the past, its unbanned in japan, misses the timing and the only good wind HERO

GLOW-UP BULB you never know, theyre no longer hating synchroes

MAGICAL SCIENTIST I know I know. its too good, right??? well, to poop out 2 fusions then xyz uses up 3 extra deck cards. you can only do this 3x before running out of space, and only wind up getting dark holed or TT'd. and by then you've used up 9 extra deck cards and 6000lp. 1000lp for soulcharge and no battlephase is deemed ok. same thing only it promotes wasting your extradeck

SINISTER SERPENT not worthy of ban

TRIBE-INFECTING VIRUS w/o priority it often wont get its effect off. in a mirror match its more harm than good. at best; you use one hand for killing one monster and it dies next turn or gets mindcontrolled and turned against you.

THOUSAND-EYES RESTRICT would just get killed by card effects. stopping battle/changes wont do much for long. often not worth getting out

DARK STRIKE FIGHTER if not now then after the reprint

TRISHULA, DRAGON OF THE ICE BARRIER not likely as the new forms are coming but you never know

NUMBER 16: SHOCK MASTER on the off chance they take from japans list, can be killed in battle. with not too much effort. komani made worse moves

WIND-UP CARRIER ZENMAITY if the other one gets banned

CARD DESTRUCTION if konami randomly wants dark worlders to dominate

DRAGON RAVINE if rulers die

HEAVY STORM backrow is dominating. unbanned in japan. promotes smarter plays than; set 5 turn end.

METAMORPHOSIS most of the best fusions cant be brought out with this. promotes filling prime extra deck real estate for fusions you can only get out with one card. if negated you lose the monster you sacrificed to activate it for nothing. monster would just die next turn or run into a d prison or torrential

MONSTER REBORN unbanned in japan. yeah its kinda OP but it also gets people to be more wary of sending their good monsters to the grave, useless for XYZ. hard to use with pendulums

PREMATURE BURIAL wasn't the main reason this was banned because of brionac?

SUPER REJUVENATION incase rulers are banned

IMPERIAL ORDER no as broken as it once was. most people use monster effects to kill traps. 3mst can chain. most of the magic cards it used to stop were banned.

RETURN FROM THE DIFFERENT DIMENSION in case rulers are banned.

SOLEMN JUDGMENT unbanned in japan. the new one is unused. more often than not costs you the game than wins it with its hefty cost if used in near start Chiissu (talk • contribs) 03:40, August 29, 2014 (UTC) Chiissu (talk• contribs) 03:42, August 29, 2014 (UTC)

I think we've already established that the OCG is in a terrible state, and the TCG should try to avoid emulating it. There's a reason why the banlist split occurred. --Gadjiltron (talk • contribs) 09:23, August 29, 2014 (UTC)
"Unbanned In Japan" is not a valid reason for it to be unbanned here, if anything, a reason to NOT unban it. also, don't thing you know what you are talking about on alot of these. MST has been at 3 for a long damn time and that didn't get imperial Order off, that reason for Card Dest. is retarded, why list it? soulcahrge getting more monsters for the same cost as cyber stein is not a good reason, need to compare effects, not costs. you expected rage and contempt correctly, almost none of those have any chance of returning. also, the TCG list should have nothing to do with the past trends of the OCG listDreadKaiser (talk• contribs) 13:29, August 29, 2014 (UTC)Chiissu, the OCG and TCG are completely different formats and they definitely won't bring those back in TCG just because the OCG has them. As for each of them individually, my thoughts are here:

  • Cyber-Stein - No. I shouldn't need to explain why summoning a 2800 S/T negator or 2350 summon lockeris bad for the game. It's searchable by Gear Gigant X, the cost can be overridden by using it with DNA Surgery calling psychic-type and another spell card, and it has no once-per turn restriction. It will never return to the TCG.

  • Dark Magician of Chaos - If Soul Charge gets limited, sure. After all, Faith came back and did jack shoot.

  • E-HERO Stratos - No. I'd rather make Shadow Mist for the TCG and play masked HERO's than Bubbleman OTK.

  • Glow-Up Bulb - Eh, I want it back personally, but a tuner that can come back for free and allow for almost any synchro summon is the best thing anyone could ask for. For now, should stay at 0.

  • Magical Scientist - Same as Stein, except even if you lack lab and surgery, you only pay 1000 lp per fusion. Would only be used for OTK's.

  • Sinister Serpent - Sure, the card would suck in the current meta.

  • TIV - I actually think this could return, I've tested it in Mermails before and it's not as powerful as people are fearing it would be, not to mention it's typing and level makes it unsearchable in the deck.

  • TER - Why is this still banned again?

  • DSF - Yep. New errata makes it fine.

  • Trishula - No. Causes hand/field banish loops with de-synchro, doesn't target, and generates too much advantage when used right.

  • Shock Master - You want to bring back something that prevents people from playing yugioh? How about no.

  • Zenmaity - Sure. Nah seriously, It'd be fine. Wind-Ups could use some love, and with no Avarice and Shock Master, the loops with it are gone anyways.

  • Card Destruction - No, It's better that it stays banned. Gives too much draw power and advantage.

  • Dragon Ravine - Will come back the day Rulers get banned.

  • Heavy Storm - No. The format we have now doesn't need a mass backrow killer.

  • Metamorphosis - Same as Stein. Won't be used for anything but OTK's or lockdowns, and it's not even fusion support with the cards it can summon.

  • Reborn - Not while Soul Charge is legal. Or better yet, never again.

  • Premature Burial - See Hidden Armory.

  • Super Rejuvenation - Even if Rulers go, I don't want to see another Exodia FTK with Trade-In, Consonance, and the Blue-Eyes engine with this. Stays at 0.

  • Imperial Order - No, too many decks rely on spell cards to play Yugioh, and it's one-sided in the aspect that you don't have to pay the cost.

  • Return from the Different Dimension - Even if Rulers go, this is just a badly designed card that will only be used for OTK's and it should've honestly been banned years ago. Never coming back.


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Re: october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

Post by niquon715 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:32 pm

Red Demon's Wishlist


  • Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos (Ban these 2 to bring back banned/limited cards for other decks)

  • Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls ^

  • Infernity Launcher (Too powerful, enables OTKs and the derp plays, along with Soul Charge)


  • Artifact Moralltach OR Artifact Sanctum (Agree with the OCG on this)

  • Dark Magician of Chaos (Would only be good in Prophecy, and even then World of Prophecy is still better)

  • Rescue Cat (I saw a post on Pojo, and I agreed with it. It would mostly help Madolches and X-Sabers, and possibly the dead Wind-Ups. Mewfeuille+Anjelly is the same as opening Rescue Cat anyway and Madolches are tier 2 at best now anyway.)

  • Shaddoll Dragon (Limit their go-to solve everything card. This or Armageddon Knight.)

  • Tribe-Infecting Virus (Destruction is bad this format, and Mermails are bad as well. Heck, Dragoons and Deep Sea Diva could probably move up as well.)

  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Help Synchro decks. Synchros aren't relevant this format. De-Synchro would just be inconsistent at best and more likely your Summon would be negated or they would drop Vanity's Emptiness, Black Horn, or just summon Winda and stop your Synchro play in the first place. Or Breakthrough Skill)

  • Thousand-Eyes Restrict (Bad old card is bad and old. Even with Instant Fusion, any deck will just make 101 or Castel and get rid of it)

  • Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity (Wind-ups are dead)

  • Dragon Ravine (Help Dragunity not be dead)

  • Soul Charge (Too powerful this format, the general consensus was to limit or ban this.)

  • Super Rejuvenation (Dragons banned, this can come back)

  • Vanity's Emptiness (MVP this format and last format, flip it and stop your opponent from being able to play. What fun.)

Semi Limited:

  • Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind (Blackwings haven't done ANYTHING for like 4 years)

  • Brotherhood of the Fire Fist: Spirit (Fire Fists aren't topping or even placing)

  • Coach Soldier Wolfbark (Fire Fists aren't topping.)

  • Debris Dragon (With Dragons hit, this can come back to possibly help Synchros)

  • Genex Ally Birdman (Help Synchros)

  • Gladiator Beast Bestiari (Help Glads out)

  • Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness (Help prevent OTKs, but unusuable in decks with Supply Squad.)

  • Inzektor Hornet (Everything is resistant or totally immune to destruction this format, or they just go plus if they're destroyed anyway (Winda invincible, Hands destroy your cards, Burning Abyss just go plus, Stellarknight Delteros gets his effect, etc. And if they can banish your Hornet its usually GG unless you can make Leviair)

  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Hieratics aren't good this format anyway, multiple Breakthrough Skills/Maxx C are mained generally, Dragons could use the boost)

  • Traptrix Myrmeleo (Small hit to the Traptrix engine/HAT)

  • Wind-Up Magician (Help Wind-Ups)

  • Goyo Guardian (I told everyone that Synchos weren't relevant now, and look at what happened. It came to 1 and is still unused. Eventually this can probably go to 3, unless the new Synchron structure deck coming out in Japan is absolutely broken)

  • Legendary Six Samurai: Shi En (Samurai need it, if their first one dies, its usually GG)

  • T.G. Hyper Librarian (Help Synchro decks)

  • One for One (Help Synchro decks, speed up Synchrons, help with the new DD archetype)

  • Monster Gate (no one plays it)

  • Infernity Barrier (With Launcher and Soul Charge hit, this could come back)

Off the list:

  • Baby Dragon Rulers Burner and Stream (Since the 2 adult dragons would be banned)

  • Chaos Sorcerer (Only relevance I have saw was in the OCG with Chaos Shaddolls, and we don't even have Electromagnetic Turtle yet)

  • Lonefire Blossom (Plants are dead)

  • Magician of Faith (no one plays her)

  • Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (Agree with Ninety-Eight, this card needs to come back and wouldn't change anything)

  • Sinister Serpent (Bad)

  • Dark Strike Fighter (with errata)

  • Formula Synchron (Help with Synchrons)

  • Advanced Ritual Art (New Ritual Support being released)

  • Gold Sarcophagus (With Dragons banned, this bad card can return)

  • Hieratic Seal of Convocation (Hieratics are nonexistent)

  • Reasoning (Bad card and never realized why its been semi limited for so long)

  • Reinforcement of the Army (Did nothing at 2, won't do anything at 3)

  • Sacred Sword of Seven Stars (With 2 Dragons gone, this can return)

  • Ojama Trio (Like Reasoning, no one has given a good reason why this card has been semi-limited for so long)

  • Torrential Tribute (Destruction is bad this format)

If Rescue Cat comes back, Summoner Monk couldn't go to 3 because then it would almost guarantee first turn Cat, but I'm fine with 2 Monk + 1 Cat)
Overall really long list so Konami definitely won't do all of this but hopefully they will at least do some of it like the Synchro boosts or at least Soul Charge.
Red demon dragon (talk • contribs) 10:54, September 9, 2014 (UTC)
Hmm, long list, I agree with some of it, but disagree with other things:

  • Rescue Cat - Whoever said that on Pojo is wrong. See this card and watch this video, and you'll understand why Rescue Cat is never coming back.

  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon - The Hieratic OTK isn't viable because REDMD is at 1. Bringing it down to 2 makes it much more viable again. It's more likely he'll be banned before he ever comes down from 1.

  • Wind-Up Magician - Don't love Wind-Ups too much, 2 Magician is all they need to swarm the field with 3 xyz's when combo'd with Shark Alone and make massive plays. Zenmaity to 1 is ok, but nothing else.

  • T.G. Hyper Librarian - Like REDMD, it isn't doing much because it's limited. It essentially rewards over-extension and at more than 1, is a pot of greed whenever either player synchro summons.

  • One for One - I initially thought it'd be ok at 2 or more, but it makes Infernity Mirage way too good, and it's probably staying at 1.

  • Lonefire - It's a two-card Quasar at 2, even without Soul Charge. If anything, it should be back to 1.

  • Sinister Serpent - Try it at 1 first. It could cause problems at more than 1.

No comments on the rest of them. Ninety-eight (talk • contribs) 11:39, September 9, 2014 (UTC)
Here's my response.

  • Wow I saw that Rescue Cat video. It would have to be errata'd to "You can only use the effect of "Rescue Cat" once per turn.", similar to Catapult Turtle and Rescue Rabbit, so that part is definitely true. That one card Cat turned into 4 XYZs and 10900 damage so that errata would be needed before it could ever hope to come back. And I kind of agree on the T.G. reasoning but however you have to summon 2 of them and generally hope they live until your next turn and then synchro again. I guess it could be used in the lonefire quasar build but that's mostly a Soul Charge problem. Is there a combo with T.G. Hyper Librarian that lets you summon 2 of them in 1 turn and keep synchroing with them? If there is then it could be bad. With Magician, I agree. Zenmaity would be good enough but we don't know if Zenmaity will even come back.

  • For Lonefire, IMO quasar isn't a problem card. If they can somehow make 2 quasar or quasar+ halberd cannon, then it can be a problem but that problem is due to Soul Charge. And what about the 2 card quasar combo with rekindling+boost warrior? If a player wanted to make a lonefire quasar deck, they would have to run some situational cards such as the level 2 tuner I believe is required for the combo and if the opponent can get rid of the quasar, unless they have Soul Charge, they'll probably lose. The deck would basically be Quasar/Soul Charge or bust. Similar to Sylvans. And its usually easy to get over a single Quasar especially if its first turn. Except if there's backrow but the same could be said for Noble Knights, Infernities with Void Ogre Dragon and a set Barrier/Break, Shaddolls with Winda and a set Lance or some other protection card, etc.

  • And what player runs One for One in Infernities? I haven't seen anyone. They might if its at 2, but I doubt it. And Mirage is way more fair then Launcher so I'd be fine with Launcher gone and people playing One for One and Mirage to compensate.

  • I still don't think the RedMD OTK is viable, especially with all the maindecked Traps, Vanity's Emptiness, Maxx "C". OTKs aren't really viable at all this format. I mean, sure, they can happen but its very unlikely with all the backrow people are running. Except maybe for Madolches and Infernity but any backrow or Maxx C stops them which are all extremely common.

But yeah, Cat isn't coming back unless Konami erratas it to once per turn or they do something else. Maybe once per duel like Rescue Rat? Then it would still be a one card power play but you would only get 1 of them and it would still be stoppable (Unless its first turn, but then its basically unstoppable unless the opponent has Veiler, and other decks can do the same power plays like first turn Winda or Dante.) That's just my thoughts though. I mean Konami might not ever bring Ojama Trio, Reasoning, or even Sinister Serpent off the list I don't know. They probably completely forgot about Sinister Serpent, Ojama Trio, Reasoning, Tribe-Infecting Virus, and lots of those other cards. Or they're just not bringing them back either to promote the new cards or keep the old decks weak, but I don't know at all what Konami is planning. They did bring back D Prison and Mirror Force so there is hope however.


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Re: october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

Post by niquon715 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:33 pm

October 2014 Banlist Predictions

I would first like to say that I am in no way bias towards any decks, and only put cards on this list that I truly feel are bad for the game/would be good for the game if they got hit/brought back. With that being said, there are cards that need to be hit, because Satellarknights and Shadolls are dominating YCSs at this time, and I feel it would be better for the game to make them less explosive, while at the same time bringing up other archetypes to be competitive.

Newly Forbidden: Soul Charge: This card is simply too powerful. I'll pay 1000 life points, and basically grab whatever I want? The card is poorly designed, because skipping a Battle Phase isn't a big cost, considering the amount of monsters that can be Special Summoned once their conditions have been met, add that to the fact that Soul Charge doesn't negate their effects? Goodbye.

Mind Control: You can all say what you like: it is a -1 for your opponent, with Synchro Summoning and Xyz Summoning, it is unbalanced for the game.
Sacred Sword of Seven Stars: The card should never have been created, and since i'm bringing Ravine to 1, Sacred Sword would mean Tempest Dragunities would be tier 0.

Newly Limited: Satellarknight Deneb: This is Stratos, plain and simple. It gives Satellarknights an infinite loop of a +3 combo with Altair and another Satellarknight, that blocks off Bottomless, Torrential, Warning, or anything that stops summons, which is unhealthy. I'm not saying ban it like Stratos, because that kills the deck, but it definitely needs to be addressed.
Stellarnova Alpha: It's Solemn at 3, plain and simple. The fact that Satellarknights can swarm so easily, and you basically negate anything by tributing a monster youll bring back, then draw a card? too unbalanced
Artifact Sanctum: The fact that you still get it's effect after you activate it makes this card too good. Yes, Moralltech is a broken card, but Sanctum is the card that can pop AND search.
Shaddoll Fusion: This card is simply broken. I don't have a real problem with the actual Fusion Monsters, because I look at it the same way I look at Rescue Rabbit: It's not the Laggia or Dolkka thats broken, it's the card that summons them way too easily, plus the fact that it's searchable. Having 3 of these, plus the fact that basically every deck Xyzs now, makes this card overpowered.
Mathematician: This guy... A better Card Trooper in my eyes. He's compatible in basically every meta deck right now. I don't see many people run 3, maybe they do, but I see 2, and it's way easier to open a game with Mathematician, because it's so good.
Armageddon Knight: This guy works for Shaddolls in the same way as Mathematician, except he's level 4, which opens Xyz plays.
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier: I think we can all agree that Atlantean Mermails are through being a competitive deck, with Diva at 1, Dragoons at 1, and Gunde at 1, the deck can hardly function, so I think it's safe to bring back Brionac, because he doesn't win games, he's just a great level 6, just like Goyo Guardian.
Dragon Ravine: I know Dragon Rulers still exist, but what can they benefit from a Foolish that may get MSTed? Dragunity players where robbed when Konami gave them everything to be competitive, but banned Dragon Ravine. I understand it's a great card, but what's wrong with 1? It's not like you draw it every game, and it most likely wo't last more than 2 turns anyway.
Terraforming: If Dragon Ravine comes back, Terraforming should be at 1.

Newly Semi-Limited (Heres where old archetypes get stuff) Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind: It's a very sacky card, but are Blackwings relevant in a format that can drop BLS, Leo and more in 1 turn? I know people are reminiscent of 3 Dark Strike Fighters for 4 straight formats, but Gale isn't as powerful as he used to be.
Gladiator Beast Bestiari: GBs are one of my favorite archetypes, and they got a little support inthe last pack, so I'd like to see someone go Augustus, summon Besty from the hand, make a Gyzarus. The card is good, and Gyzarus is great, but still not relevant enough to be a threat.
Rescue Rabbit: Nobody had a problem with this card, it was a great deck that people loved, why did it get put to 1? I'd like to see people innovate once again with Rescue Rabbit, because the card isn't as broken as people make it out to be. And and I know people are envisioning Laggia set 5, but there are only so many staple traps left that are relevant. Judgment is gone, Warning is at 1, Bottomless is at 1, Compulse is at 1, so what are you afraid of? Yea, so what you can Laggia? Satellarknights have a trap that does that 3 times.
Satellarknight Altair: This card is powerful, maybe too powerful. It's essentially Wolfbark, without negating the effect. I wouldn't be disappointed if it went to 2, but the fact that you can plus off of a plus is too broken.
Coach Soldier Wolfbark: Speaking of Wolfbark, why is it at 1? Fire Fists didn't even get a format to dominate in, because as soon as Dragons and Prophecies became irrelevant, Bujins and Shaddolls took over, so put Wolfbark back to 2, and let them be tier 2 or 1 again.
Fire Formation - Tenki: If we're putting Wolfbark back to 2, I can't let Tenki stay at 3.
Tour Guide of the Underworld: If Rabbit is coming back to 2, this needs to be at 2, because Leviar is a very good card.
Honest: I KNOW I'm gonna get hate for this, but if Kalut is at 3, Crane is at 3, why is honest at 1? If you don't want Honest at 2, let me put Charge at 2, which they'll never let me do, because Charge is busted as hell.
Dimensional Fissure: Macro is a broken card, removing important spells/traps for certain decks. D-Fissure, on the other hand, can be put to 2 without much worry.
Wind-up Magician: Now that Shock Master and Zenmaighty are gone, it's safe to say Wind-Ups can't be as derpy as they once where.
Thunder King Rai-oh: The original anti-meta card, and I think he's healthy for the game. Royal Oppression will never see the light of day, so let's put the next best thing to 2.
Newly Unlimited:
Formula Synchron: Not seeing a lot of play, so 3 makes sense.
Advanced Ritual Art: Same goes for ARA, Rituals haven't been relevant in years.
Magician of Faith: Flip Effects aren't as prominent anymore, plus Spells aren't as powerful as they once where. I see Mask of Darkness as a better card than Magician of Faith.

Side Note: Sylvans are a deck, but they're relatively new, so I think they should remain untouched ATM. Plus, I haven't had the time to read all their cards, so I'm not entirely sure what would need to get hit, but I've been hearing that Reasoning needs to be hit, so maybe that.

So thanks for reading this list! let me know what you think about it, tell me what I missed, or what you think shouldn't be changed.
Hmm...I'm not sure what to think with Soul Charge, though I think it'd get limited simply because everyone uses it. You know, for variety.Ravine? Hell no, that could be broken even before Rulers. Brionac? DEAR GOD NO. I mean, I said that for Goyo, except not as vehemently, but just NO. It is way too powerful. Sanctum though, or better, Moralltech, hell yes.And I'm honestly not sure what to think about Shaddolls and tellarknights; is it too soon to hit them? On one hand, both Winda and Construct have been OCGed (terrible example, I know.) On the other, doing that to Fusion would kill them. Think I might agree with Deneb though.Mathematician and Armageddon Knight...hmm, maybe. Knight's already at 1 in OCG, but not sure about Mathematician.Whatever you do, don't promote Fire Fists. Gale? Eh, happened in OCG, but again, never a good example. Fine where it is. Bestari? No, I doubt it. Rabbit? No. If they steal the glory of Evol again I'll be unhappy. What the hell do you mean no one had a problem with it?Honest: No, no, a thousand times NO! Why is he limited? He supports way more monsters, and is way more powerful. End of story. Seriously, why do people say they'll get hate and then post?Formula. Eh, probably safe to keep at 2 to prevent draw spam. Not too sure on him though.


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Re: october 2014 TCG banlist predictions

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