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This will be fun. By joining this academy you have already made a great decision and everything that comes afterwards will be even better. the first few things you want to do is make an introdution and get tested to be put in a dorm after that its up to you.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

Post by Nismo on Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:25 pm

Welcome to the underground circuit. The stakes can't get any higher and duels cant get any faster or more dangerous. Winners take all the money, fame, and attention and losers go home with a handfull of speeding tickets. What New Domino City doesnt want you to see of the dueling worlds dark chassis they disregard in the media.Step on the gas and drink up the nitrous because if you can take the heat then its time to hit the streets......

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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

Post by niquon715 on Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:27 pm

ill set up the character pages for you


1: NO GODMODDING!!!!! I can’t over state this.

2: NO ONE LINERS. We need a minimum of 2-3 lines per post.!!!

3: You MAY duel on this thread. You may also use made up cards. Such as a made up Archetype.

Good or Evil:
Key Card:
Any thing else to add.:

5: MUST have approved character profile in order to roleplay!!!!

6: Have fun roleplaying!!!!!!


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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

Post by jaylan999 on Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:12 pm

Name: Kenta
Age: 17
Height: 6.0
Good or Evil: Good
Bio: Kenta enjoys dueling and almost always accepts challenges. Kenta had dreams about duel monsters and asked his father to make them official cards with some spell and trap support, now everytime he uses his deck he thinks of his Father who left 2 weeks after he made the deck but never returned, he vows he will one day be reunited with his Father. Kenta also uses a Gusto deck he got from his older brother Genga, he likes both decks equally.
Deck: Time Space Realm & Gusto Reuse
Key Card: Time Space Dragon Lord & Gusto Gulldo 
Item: Staff
Any thing else to add.: dont give me pizza ._. just dont.

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"Gusto shall live on!"
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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

Post by HalfArt021402 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:54 am

Name: Jake 
Age: 16
Height: 6.2"
Good or Evil: Good
Bio: He is a card collector and seller, he owns 2 decks of which he keeps in deck holders on his belt. 
Deck: Soul Shamans and Flame Worshiper 
Key Card: Soul Strike
Item: None 
Any thing else to add.:Soul Shaman and Flame Worshiper  are made up card decks.

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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

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