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Chowder115's Test Results

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Chowder115's Test Results

Post by Goofhead17 on Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:53 am

Scoring: (100 points total)

Banned Decks: ANY alt-win deck; includes but is not limited to: Burn, Mill/Deck-Out, Stall, Exodia, Troll, etc. You may use meta cards 

Match Results : 0/15 points

Goofhead17 (Tellars) vs. Chowder (Gravekeepers)

Testee Lost 0/2 (0 points)

Deck Construction : 18/25 points

Deck Count - 5/5 Point : Had the normal 40 card deck
Deck Performance - 2/5 : The deck had trouble keeping control
Consistency And Synergy - 3/5 : The cards were fit for a gravekeeper deck but the deck itself had trouble in keeping control and making good combos
Creativity - 5/5 : I don't see many gravekeeper decks anymore so I thought it was unique and creative
Sophistication - 3/5 : It was a normal gravekeeper deck with only some of the newer tech cards out for it.

Performance : 10/25 points

10/25 : Minor misplays occured, and the deck did not fare well throughout the duel and stayed in defensive position mostly.

Bonus points: 25 points

25/25 : The testee was kind and friendly throughout the duel. He's being given 25/25 for his amiable behavior, and also because I had to take multiple leaves of absences throughout our duel, as well as I misplayed once, which required us to reverse the game state.

Ruling quiz: 1/10

Total Score : 54/100

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