Celestial Dragon Academy
This will be fun. By joining this academy you have already made a great decision and everything that comes afterwards will be even better. the first few things you want to do is make an introdution and get tested to be put in a dorm after that its up to you.

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good's test results

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good's test results

Post by beastmodekiller on Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:28 am

won the match 2-0
15 points
Deck Construction :

Deck Count 5
small build for six sams 
Deck Performance 4
very pratical deck runs very smooth
Consistency And Synergy4
the deck works together  great but could use improvement 
threw some curveballs in thhere to keep me guess smart choice

Sophistication 5
deck has a unique falir to it 

Performance : 11

misplayed a few time also could use to put counters in the deck no response for soul drain no side deck which is hard to combat decks with no side deck

Bonus points: 25

was a great fun to duel with

Ruling quiz: 0
final score 69/100
final score ritual blue

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