Celestial Dragon Academy
This will be fun. By joining this academy you have already made a great decision and everything that comes afterwards will be even better. the first few things you want to do is make an introdution and get tested to be put in a dorm after that its up to you.

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Any Role Players Needed- Two Created Characters:

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Any Role Players Needed- Two Created Characters:

Post by Chris2787 on Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:26 am

I have two created characters, but their they are different.

Tokui: 18 years in the start of the series.

He is in the Yu-Gi-Oh first generation series and he used to work for Pegasus, but he left right after his Item was take, so he got sick, and then he quit from his job from Pegasus. Then after he often Duels with Yugi and the gang, later on in life, they became friends. He plays with a warrior decks with good traps and spells. He uses his Spell Striker monster cards mostly with combos and ways to reduce his opponent life points to zero. 

Professor Terra: In his 30's in the GX timeline 

Terra is a Professor in Duel Academy and he came right after Dr. Banner had died around after Season 1. He came to that Academy because Seto Kaiba hired him and was resigned to him there. 

His profession is that he teaches Students about Flip summoning monster and how to use their effects more wisely.

Anyone need a good character for a good Role Play in Deuling Network Created Character Duel? Then Message me and i get back to you as soon as i can. 

My Dueling Network name is Silver24.

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